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After qualifying and working as a physiotherapist, my life took a dramatic turn when I discovered a love of photography at a photographic workshop in Namaqualand, South Africa. What started off as a hobby, quickly became a passion as I invested time and energy into developing my skill as a visual art photographer. 15 years ago I was awarded an Associateship in Visual Art with the Royal Photographic Society.

That first workshop marked a turning point in my life, where I started to explore my creativity and also my faith. Photography taught me to look at the world differently, to see beauty and to find it in others, to express myself and to explore the world around me. It also opened a door to other forms of creative expression and to using accessible art to help others to find their creative spark.

Kurt Vonnegut said that to practice art, however well or badly, is a way to make the soul grow. Any form of self-expression helps us to transcend the mundane. Photography is what I do, but it has also become a part of who I am. Thanks to smart phones, I am now never without a camera and often I carry my DSLR around with me too. While I work as a portrait photographer, I am also an eternal hobbyist photographer, enthralled with this art form that gives me the world as my canvas and light as my paintbrush. 

I will always be indebted to the people that encouraged and guided me in the early years of my photography; Colla Swart, Freeman Patterson, Willem Oets and Nicole Palmer. Thank you for the sunrise and sunset shoots, your continuous positivity and constructive feedback, the late evening chats and the many, many laughs. Most importantly though, thank you for opening my eyes.

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